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Keeping safe during the pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic is creating unique challenges for businesses and individuals around the world.

This hub offers critical information, resources, and updates to help employers ensure the safety of their workers during this time.

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Resources for public health updates on COVID-19:

Public Health Agency of Canada

Government of Canada's pandemic status updates, links to health resources, prevention and risk information, and policies.

Ontario Ministry of Health

Province of Ontario's outbreak status, policies, recommendations, and resources.

World Health Organization

Global information and updates on the pandemic.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

US-based pandemic coverage and updates.

Industry Associations

Useful business planning resources and industry association supports in the fight against COVID-19.


Getting Back to Work: Safety Plan (Video)

As Ontario gets back to work, it’s important for your workplace to have a new safety that will help to reduce the risks related to COVID-19. How will you keep your workplace safe?

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Getting Back to Work: Hierarchy of Controls (Video)

To reduce the risks of COVID-19 in the workplace, it’s important to be familiar with the Hierarchy of Controls. It will help you understand ways to control risk – ranked from the most effective to the less effective.

Getting Back to Work: Personal Care Services (Video)

Ontario is heading back to work, but to stop the spread of COVID-19, we need to do it in the right way. This video outlines some high level considerations for employers and employees in the personal services sector.

Getting Back to Work: Mask Safety Basics (Video)

Ontario is heading back to work, and wearing a mask can help stop the spread of COVID-19. Watch this video for some tips that apply to most one-time-use and reusable masks.

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5 Best Practices For Bringing Visitors Safely Into Your Workplace (Article)

When the pandemic began, many workplaces that were not open to the public applied a simple solution to the issue of visitors: no visitors allowed. But as the pandemic persists, this strategy may no longer be sustainable.

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Mental Health Challenges and Wave 2 – Help Your Employees With These 7 Practices (Article)

How can you help your employees ‘flatten the curve' of emotional distress during Wave 2 of the pandemic? We have some tips.

4 Ways To Prevent A COVID-Flu “Twindemic” In Your Workplace (Article)

The pitch: two invisible threats simultaneously infiltrate local communities. Unsuspecting residents spread disease as they go about their daily business. Everybody is at risk; nobody is immune.

How To Safely Use, Handle And Dispose Off Face Coverings (Article)

Who could have foreseen how quickly Canadians would adapt to wearing face coverings? They’re everywhere on city streets, in shops, and in workplaces where physical distancing isn’t always possible.

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Pandemic Planning (eCourse)

This course describes the steps workplaces can take to plan for employee absences and business continuity.


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Building Your Safety Plan for Restaurants, Bars, Food or Drink Establishments (Webinar)

In this free webinar, get access to information, public education and prevention measures to help restaurants, bars, food & drink establishments build a COVID-19 safety plan.

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Building Your Safety Plan for Sports and Recreational Activities (Webinar)

In this free webinar, get access to information, public education and prevention measures to help sports & recreational activity establishments build a COVID-19 safety plan.

Building Your Safety Plan for Personal Care Services (Webinar)

In this free webinar, get access to information, public education and prevention measures to help personal care establishments build a COVID-19 safety plan.

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